Safety & Tips


At Project Stream Team, we treat your digital real estate with care. The safe keeping of your music and visual content is our number one priority! We utilize only the safest of standards while handling your promotional campaigns. 


Tip... While it's a big no no, and against our policy found in our terms and conditions, we strongly do not recommend running parallel promotions from an outside source while contracting us to promote your music. A ) It's a conflict of interest for you. B ) If something goes wrong, you don't who to blame. *The other guy. C ) You'll know exactly which team worked! (Hint, Project Stream Team did.) 


Tip... Radio Airplay and the iTunes Charts packages are our two best services. generate annual income from radio streams and create an organic charting history on the iTunes charts that you can use to show major labels. 


Tip... We do custom orders! There is no project too big for us to handle. For a consultation, Contact Us


More tips to come!