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Mailbox money! Receive guaranteed On Air radio airplay from around the world! 

High-performance, independent artists will be broadcast on over 100 dedicated digital radio stations affiliated with SOCAN. 

  • Spins are guaranteed
  • The Royalties are guaranteed (rights paid to SOCAN,  which is paid to your management rights company like BMI, ASCAP, PRS, etc.)
  • Automatically be added to any new stations!

 You can expect an average of $1500-4000+ in royalties per year with this revolutionary new broadcast system. 

All radio stations send posts with each spin to their respective social networks, i.e Twitter, Facebook with youtube link included.


On Air - One Year $250 

Forever One Song $1500  


*Once an order has been placed, we will be in touch for more information including MP3, UPC and IRSC code.
* With a Forever One Song one-time purchase, your song will never be removed from our radio station partner formats, forever producing annual radio performance royalties. ***Please allow 18-24 months for royalties from on air spins to issue back to your PRO.